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Rieter showcases J 26 automated air-jet spinning machine at ITMA + CITME 2016

Rieter showcases J 26 automated air-jet spinning machine at ITMA  CITME 2016

The fully-automated, double-sided air-jet spinning machine with 200 spinning units, up to 6 robots and a delivery speed of 500 m/min ensures economical and flexible production. The recently showcased J 26 automated air-jet spinning machine at ITMA + CITME 2016 has striking advantages among other air-jet spinning machines. The P 26 polyester attachment ensures 100 % polyester spinning with long running intervals without manual cleaning. High performance is supported by the piecing preparation system with reduced piecing time. The winding unit ensures optimal package build-up and therefore higher package weight. Technological innovations and adapted settings enable to produce soft Com4®jet yarns.


Spinning 100 % polyester


With the new P 26 attachment 100 per cent polyester can be spun on J 26. The P 26 system applies liquid to the fibres in front of the twisting zone. This liquid creates benefit for reducing polyester deposits on the technology components, prolonging production times with stable yarn quality, higher yarn strength, lower yarn hairiness, etc. The P 26 system is connected to tap water which is filtered so that no sediments can enter the system. The integrated Rieter clearer Q 10A checks the yarn quality. Special clearing channels monitor the P 26 system at each spin unit.

Rieter Q 10A yarn clearer

With 15 years of experience and 1 million of sensors in operation, Rieter is launching a yarn clearer specially designed for air jet spinning. Special clearing channel detecting very fast yarn surfaces changes caused by spin nozzle blockages. The detection is within 10 m and the fault can be removed easily. Unlike any other yarn clearing sensor, Q 10A provides a direct digital output out of the measurement. This guarantees maximum exactness in detecting yarn fault size, e.g. small but long yarn count deviations. Q 10A supports and monitors with a special channel the proper function of the new polyester attachment. The Q 10A detects smallest yarn deviations caused by malfunction of the attachment. A specially designed spectrogram helps to set individual limits for warnings and alarms and provides reliable detection and data to analyse the cause of periodic faults.

Produce yarn economically

High productivity in combination with other cost-saving concepts provides the lowest yarn manufacturing costs and highest margins for applications. With the same available floor space, output of the J 26 machine is up to 108 per cent higher and production margins up to 128 per cent higher compared to other air-jet spinn