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Santoni launches new XT-Machine for creation of 3D shoe uppers


Footwear brand Santoni has introduced the XT-Machine, a groundbreaking advancement in footwear manufacturing. This technology enables the brand to create three-dimensional shoe uppers with unprecedented precision and efficiency. In just ten minutes, the XT-Machine can produce uppers tailored to the foot, ensuring optimal fit, breathability, and comfort while minimising environmental impact.

The machine employs recyclable yarns strategically positioned based on foot mapping. High-performance TPU yarns reinforce areas prone to stress and abrasion, while natural fiber yarns enhance comfort and contact with the foot. This thoughtful integration of materials maximizes both protection and wearability.

Moreover, the XT-Machine streamlines production by nearly completing the upper construction process, reducing the need for additional components and minimising waste. Its innovative design minimises energy consumption and carbon emissions while enhancing production flexibility and efficiency.

By embracing this approach, manufacturers can benefit from faster turnaround times, reduced energy usage, and decreased CO2 emissions. Additionally, the XT-Machine significantly curtails raw material waste, aligning with the industry's imperative to embrace sustainable practices.

The footwear industry is grappling with the environmental impact of its manufacturing processes, which contribute significantly to global greenhouse gas emissions. With around 1.4 per cent of emissions attributed to footwear production and an estimated 30 pounds of CO2 emitted per pair of sneakers, the need for sustainable solutions is urgent.

In 2021, the World Trade Organisation reported a staggering production volume of 23.2 billion pairs of shoes, weighing approximately 9 million tons collectively. To address this environmental challenge, the industry must prioritise innovation in waste reduction, recovery, and recycling.



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