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Shima Seiki offers enhanced capabilities with new flat knitting machines

Shima Seiki’s new SVR123SP flat knitting machine has an extra loop presser bed, capable of inlay technique used to produce hybrid knit¬weave patterns suited to technical textile production. Even materials that could not be knit before such as metallic and monofilament yarns can now be knit.

The SDS¬ONE Apex3 3D design system has an ultra¬realistic simulation capability that realizes virtual sampling. When countless variations must be evaluated before arriving at a final design, virtual product samples can be used to streamline the decision making process by minimizing the enormous amount of time, cost and material normally associated with producing actual samples for each variation. When approved, the same data can be used to program machines for immediate knitting, significantly reduc¬ing lead times.

Shima Seiki, based in Japan, is a computerized knitting machine manufacturer. Its fast, efficient and reliable P¬CAM series computerized cutting machines are known for their innovative functions. A knife sharpening system produces a sharp, strong blade every time. Strong, robust components permit quicker response times for knife movement and more accurate cutting composites and other industrial materials. PCAM machines are ideally suited to global production in a wide range of industrial applications in addition to apparel and textiles.