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Sri Lanka’s textile titans lead global shift towards sustainable fashion


In a transformative stride towards eco-conscious fashion, Sri Lanka's textile industry pioneers a sustainable revolution rooted in centuries-old traditions of natural dyeing. The nation's rich biodiversity provides a diverse palette, with industry leaders such as Hayleys Fabric PLC, Noyon Private Limited, Dynawash, and Ocean Lanka spearheading the charge.

Hayleys Fabric PLC's 'Warna by Mahogany Innovation' stands out as a game-changer, recognized globally for its eco-friendly textile innovation. Utilizing waste from the local furniture industry to extract dyes, 'Warna' represents a groundbreaking waste-to-fashion initiative. Their 'Midnight by Charcoal' range, featuring organic prints from biomass charcoal waste, secures international acclaim, marking the second consecutive recognition by ISPO.

Noyon Private Limited's 'Planetones' sets a benchmark for sustainable dyeing, offering over 50 vibrant colors with significant reductions in water consumption, energy usage, CO2 emissions, and chemical footprints. Dynawash's 'T Hues,' utilizing tea waste, boasts a versatile 52-color palette and a negative carbon footprint, gaining commercial viability with over $1 million in international orders.

Ocean Lanka's 'Ocean Aqua+' dyeing system, conceptualized in-house, redefines the fabric dyeing process, enhancing capacity utilization and productivity while championing environmental conservation.

Collaborating globally and integrating into platforms like Fashion for Good, these companies signify Sri Lanka's commitment to sustainable fashion, where innovation, sustainability, and global partnerships propel the textile industry towards a future that not only adorns but also nurtures the planet.



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