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Survey reveals consumer anger towards false claims of organic textiles


Ahead of the inaugural Organic Textile Week (15-21 May 2023), a recent survey conducted in the UK has highlighted consumer concerns regarding deceptive practices within the fashion industry.

The survey, which gathered responses from 2,000 individuals, found that a staggering 70% of participants would be less inclined to purchase products from brands making false claims about their organic credentials.

Furthermore, the study revealed that 59% of respondents expressed feelings of anger or disgust upon discovering that certain clothing brands, purporting to be organic, may actually contain hazardous synthetic pesticides and other harmful chemicals. This revelation underscored the growing demand for genuinely sustainable clothing options, with 57% of participants emphasizing the importance of purchasing clothes and textiles that are authentically sustainable.

Alarmingly, over three-quarters of those surveyed admitted to being unsure or unaware of the meaning behind the term "certified organic textiles." Astonishingly, nearly a third of the British population remained oblivious to the existence of organic textiles or clothing altogether. In addition, 56% of respondents confessed to lacking knowledge on how to identify certified organic items.

The survey findings also unveiled strong public support for legislation requiring clothing brands to adhere to transparent organic textile processing standards before being permitted to label their products as organic.

A significant 70% of participants advocated for such legal requirements, emphasizing the need to combat greenwashing practices within the industry.


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