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Suzano S/A joins Lenzing as core shareholder


The Lenzing Group, a prominent supplier of regenerated cellulose fibers for textiles and nonwovens, announced today a new long-term partnership involving its main shareholder, B&C Group, and the Brazilian pulp giant Suzano S/A. Under this agreement, Suzano S/A will acquire a 15 percent stake in Lenzing AG from B&C Group. Suzano, headquartered in São Paulo, is the world’s largest pulp producer, boasting annual sales exceeding €7 billion.

Lenzing's management is eager about the partnership and looks forward to a fruitful collaboration with their new core shareholder. Stephan Sielaff, CEO of Lenzing, conveyed his optimism, emphasizing the strong mutual respect between Lenzing and Suzano as key players in the international pulp market. He noted that Suzano’s expertise in pulp production and operational excellence will greatly bolster Lenzing’s strategic endeavors. The combined strengths of B&C Group and Suzano S/A form a potent alliance poised to propel their success.

This new alliance is expected to leverage Suzano’s industry-leading capabilities to support Lenzing’s growth and innovation in sustainable fiber production, reinforcing their commitment to environmental stewardship and operational excellence.


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