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Tintex Textiles to participate in the UN Global Compact Initiative

Tintex Textiles will participate in the upcoming United Nations Global Compact initiative - a voluntary leadership platform for the development, implementation and disclosure of responsible business practices. This forum will feature expertly controlled processing, and advanced dyeing and finishing solutions that drive material innovation to create responsible supply chains to transform fashion systems.

The Tintex Department of Sustainability optimises fashion solutions that not only provide high performance nature based textiles, but enable Tintex to arise as global leaders striving toward superior responsible fashion systems that are transparent and fully traceable throughout the supply chain. Constantly striving for a responsible change in the textile industry, Tintex concretely contributes to a more stable and inclusive global market. It aims to achieve qualitatively better and less impactful results to implement a structured strategical plan that foresees innovative approach, smart sourcing and ongoing research and development continuous experimentation, shared and interconnected internal actions and the ability to move and to react faster to the market needs.