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Titan likely to report Rs 300 crore loss in next quarter due to GST

People want denim with color. There’s more trend towards colors, less towards indigo. Diehard denim buyers won’t be looking away from the trusty blues but those that follow fashion will likely be keener on color for the coming season.

Corduroys and velvet will start to introduce color into more bottom weights, which will then lead to greater uptake in twills. Corduroys in the coming season will come with colorful tie-dye effects—which many customers have expressed interest in—or in pinks or coral colors with detailing at the cuff.

Hong Kong-based Prosperity Textile, which does garment and piece dyes for its Feel It collection of denim with Tencel branded lyocell fibers, has pink and olive colors in the line. Tencel holds color well. Thailand-based AMC has been aggressive on color for some time. AMC does double dye denim, where the fabric gets dyed khaki and then a color pigment coating is added to the face. When washed there is color loss and distressing reveals the original color of the jean—and buyers are keen on the coloring.

The denim area of Premiere Vision Paris showed colors from coral to pink, olive and tie-dye. Japan’s Toray has an indigo velvet blazer with cotton. The indigo gives the jacket an authentic denim look. Since customers like soft fabrics, Toray uses Lenzing modal and Tencel for most of its collection.