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Turkish textile strike ends

A strike by Turkish textile workers has ended following the signing of a collective labor agreement that answered all the demands of the workers’ union. The union and the employers signed a three-year collective agreement. Workers had four main demands, relating to bonuses, overtime pay, a seniority wage rise and a salary rise. According to the agreement, bonuses will return to the previous level of a 120-day salary instead of the current 72. 

Workers who work overtime on weekdays, general holidays, national holidays and regional holidays will receive double pay. An additional payment will be made to workers regarding their work duration. As every year adds seven liras, a worker that has been working for 10 years will receive 70 liras additional to his or her wage. 

Some 12,000 textile workers went on strike in August, affecting around 30 major textile and clothing producers. About 55 per cent of workers in the sector earn a legal minimum wage. Because of low wages, qualified workers leave the sector and the staff turnover rate reaches 37 per cent. 

The textile industry in Turkey covers cotton and synthetic yarns, fibers and fabrics, home textiles, ready-wear and apparel. It is the largest economic sector in Turkey. Turkey is the world’s sixth biggest ready to wear and apparel manufacturer. 


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