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UAE turns into major textile exporter

The UAE is the world's third largest exporter of textiles, after the US and the UK. It has a 7.75 per cent share of the global export market. The secret of the textile industry’s success in the UAE is that the country sets up trends that others follow. The UAE has overcome the challenges of the global market such as volatility in price, rising input costs, energy crisis and lack of marketing exposure.

Its textile industry is the largest trading sector in the country after oil, and is also one of the biggest employment providers. The industry is undergoing a major reorientation toward non-clothing applications, such as technical textiles.

The Emirates is strategically located. Most of the production of jute, yarn, apparel, clothing and garments takes place in Asian countries like China and India, both leading manufacturers of textiles. The UAE, being located as a border market to major production areas, is doing well, in re-exporting to all parts of the world. This can be attributed to the ease in logistics as well as the low costs of shipping in and out of the country.