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UK fashion buyers on the hunt for new sourcing destinations

UK fashion buyers on the hunt for new sourcing destinations


Fashion buyers are actively exploring new sourcing destinations that offer a combination of ethical production, unique materials, and cost-effectiveness. Fashion buyers are increasingly looking beyond traditional sourcing hubs like China and India for their garment needs. This shift is driven by a desire for greater supply chain resilience with ethical production practices.

Emerging markets gain traction

Market is witnessing a rise in interest from buyers for products from countries like Ethiopia, Madagascar, and Nepal. These emerging markets offer potential for ethical production and unique materials. Additionally, trade agreements can make sourcing from these destinations cost-effective.

Central Europe emerges as a "Super Interesting" option

Beyond Asia, Central European nations like Poland are attracting attention from UK buyers seeking geographically closer options. This trend is fueled by ongoing supply chain disruptions and a desire for shorter lead times.

Recycled fabrics gaining momentum

The fashion industry's growing focus on sustainability is reflected in the increasing use of recycled fabrics by suppliers. Exhibitions are seeing a significant rise in exhibitors showcasing recycled materials like cashmere and cotton, indicating a potential shift led by manufacturers themselves.

Buyers seek transparency

With ethical sourcing becoming a priority, buyers are demanding greater transparency from suppliers. This trend is likely to lead to a future where clear labeling of recycled content becomes the norm.



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