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Unspun develops 3D weaving machine to eliminate fabric waste

San Francisco-based Unspun, which touts itself as a zero-inventory store is developing a 3D weaving machine that would completely eliminate fabric waste. The company plans to deploy it in stores as early as the end of this year. The two-year-old robotics and apparel company, which counts the National Science Foundation, H&M Foundation, venture capital investor SOSV and the Mills among its early backers, aims to become a zero-waste operation. With 3D weaving, Unspun will use its cut waste to create reusable packaging for their jeans. The packaging also fits a 13-inch laptop, even though the company did not intentionally make it that way.

Unspun joins a host of luxury labels that employ 3D body scanning techniques to boost sales. The company has partnered with a body scan company called Fit3D to set up more than 1,000 infrared scanners worldwide where customers can get a 20-second body scan – allowing for customised fittings, stitching and styling. Most of these scanners have been placed in gyms, as one of their main customer groups are people who work out a lot, so they often are unable to find mass market clothing to fit their body type.