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US apparel imports up 24.5 per cent in March

As per latest figures from the Department of Commerce's Office of Textiles and Apparel (OTEXA), volume of US apparel imports from all sources increased 24.5 per cent year-on-year in March, surging from its 0.2 per cent rise in February. Imports reached 2.27 billion sq. mtr. equivalents (SME), up from 1.83 billion SME in March last year.

Among individual exporting countries, shipments from largest exporter to US - China increased 54.5 per cent to 777 million SME in March and from Vietnam surged 42.84 per cent to 295 million SME, rebounding from the 1.5 per cent fall reported for the month of February. Apparel exports from Bangladesh rose 17.7 percent year-on-year to 171million SME, up on the 13.9 percent increase booked in February. Year-on-year gains were also registered by other countries like Honduras with 7.4 per cent to 99 million SME; Cambodia with 5 per cent rise to 113million SME; India exports up 8 per cent to 109 million SME; Mexico, 8.6 per cent to 87 million SME; and Pakistan exports increased 8.2 per cent to 53 million SME.

On the other hand, Indonesia and El Salvador recorded respective year-on-year declines of 1.5 per cent to 130million SME, and 0.8 per cent to 69million SME. Total US apparel and textile imports increased 7.4 per cent in the three months to March to reach 14.56 billion SME from 13.56 billion SME in the same period a year ago. Within this, textile exports saw 8.4 per cent rise to 8.25 billion SME, while apparel exports increased 6.1 per cent to 6.31billion SME.