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Uster Quantum 4.0 revolutionizes yarn clearing with Smart Duo technology


Uster Quantum 4.0 is redefining the game for spinners by introducing a groundbreaking innovation – the Smart Duo technology. This advancement combines both capacitive and optical sensors, eliminating the need for spinners to choose between the two. Two years after its debut, industry feedback has confirmed the remarkable benefits of Uster's cross clearing and density detection functions.

Smart Duo, as the name suggests, employs cross clearing, harnessing the strengths of both sensor types. Capacitive sensors excel at pinpointing compact yarn faults, guaranteeing detection of dense thick areas containing more fibers. In contrast, optical sensors shine in identifying visually prominent issues in the yarn. By merging these signals, spinners gain an upper hand in detecting both compact and fluffy events.

Cross clearing events, denoted as X, also serve as vital indicators for maintenance, shedding light on spinning conditions. In one instance, an Indian spinner enhancing fabric quality while maintaining cutting levels proved the effectiveness of cross clearing. Meanwhile, the Quantum 4.0's density detection feature came to the rescue of a Chinese mill, saving over a ton of yarn by distinguishing high twist from regular yarns.

Uster Quantum 4.0, with Smart Clearing Technology, not only elevates yarn quality assurance but also addresses today's spinning mill challenges, offering flexibility, security, and prevention in a rapidly evolving market.



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