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Zhongtai develops Tajik cotton

Zhongtai buys cotton from farmers in Tajikistan. Zhongtai is a Chinese cotton processing and textile producing enterprise working in Tajikistan. The company aims at building a modern cotton industrial base which will help boost the economy and improve local people’s livelihood.

Working on more than 13,000 hectares of cotton fields, Zhongtai has introduced advanced technologies which have substantially increased the annual output of cotton. Under the scorching sun, sweeping green cotton fields stretch far off to the mountains in the distance. Irrigation pipes neatly aligned across the fields are watering the cotton branches, in preparation for the harvest two months away. Zhongtai has not only enhanced cotton planting technologies but also promoted the cotton and textile industrial chain and helped Tajikistan expand its overseas market. The company has set up an industry chain of cotton growing, ginning and spinning, which is one of a kind in the Central Asian country. At present, the company produces 1,50,000 spindles of yarn annually, accounting for 80 per cent of Tajikistan’s total spinning capacity. Its products are exported to various countries, including Turkey, Russia, Italy and Poland, making it the largest exporter in Tajikistan in terms of foreign currency earnings.

As Tajikistan’s biggest investor and a major trading partner, China has invested in many industrial enterprises or projects in the country.