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Zinser - The leading spinning machine supplier to Indorama

Zinser has been supplying ring spinning machines to Indonesian company Indorama Synthetics, having \spinning mills in Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Sri Lanka and Turkey, since 1980. The company has now commissioned its 100,000th Zinser spindle: a 2Impact FX compact spindle to the company.

This milestone was marked at a small ceremony at ITMA 2015 in Milan, where Martin Folini, CEO of Saurer and Saurer Schlafhorst, and Henri Wiggers, regional sales and service director of Schlafhorst Zinser, presented the ‘Golden Zinser Spindle’ to the Director of the spun yarns division of Indorama, Anupam Agrawal and Virender Kumar Bhalla, Manufacturing Head of Indorama.

This year Zinser delivered over 40,000 2Impact FX compact spindles to Indorama. Following the installation of all machines, Indorama now has around 140,000 Zinser spindles. The compact spinning machines process 100 per cent combed cotton to produce particularly high-quality compact yarn in counts ranging from Ne 20 to Ne 40. They are integrated into a fully automated linked system extending from the Zinser roving frame to the Autoconer package winder from Schlafhorst. For many years Indorama has been producing yarns of 100 per cent polyester on Zinser 351 ring spinning machines.