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A clutch of LA brands prioritizing sustainability

Several fashion brands have emerged in Los Angeles with a focus on sustainability. They aim at becoming leaders in changing the fashion industry’s longstanding practices.

Christy Dawn exemplifies the essence of LA fashion. It is also completely transparent about its sourcing, design, and production processes. Because it uses a local supply chain, it’s easy to follow. All the pieces are made in LA from dead stock fabric (surplus or incorrect fabrics from other brands that couldn’t be used). Similarly Christy Dawn, Reformation uses dead stock fabric and recycled fabrics. The brand publishes annual sustainability reports, which include its carbon footprint and progress the business has made to improve sustainability from year to year. Alternative Apparel offers sustainable fashion for men, women, and children. The focus is on producing comfortable, casual fashion basics like T-shirts, sweatshirts, and jeans. To minimize waste packaging waste, the retailer uses biodegradable mailers for its online shop. The practice also reduces water use and minimizes C02 waste.

The fashion industry has many long-rooted unsustainable practices that continue to drain the earth of premium resources and add to its pollution problem. The industry’s water consumption is expected to grow 150 per cent by 2030 and its carbon waste to balloon to 148 million tons.