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Adidas and Reebok top transparency index

Adidas, Reebok and Patagonia are three of the most transparent fashion brands on the market, says the 2019 Fashion Transparency Index.

The index rates 200 of the world’s top brands with annual revenues of more than 500 million dollars. Almost half the brands are publishing a strategy on sustainable materials or processes, but only 29 per cent are disclosing the percentage of their products that are made from sustainable materials. Further, 54 per cent of fashion companies are publishing goals on improving their environmental impact. However, only 19.5 per cent disclose carbon emissions in the supply chain, which is responsible for more than 50 per cent of the industry’s emissions.

Several brands showed large improvement over last year’s survey. These include: Dior (22 per cent), Nike (21 per cent), New Balance (18 per cent) and Marc Jacobs (17 per cent). Brands are highlighted in the report for their willingness to publicly disclose a wide range of human rights and environmental policies, commitments and impacts, as well as key information about governance, supply chain traceability, supplier assessment and remediation. The 2019 index marks the first time since its inaugural publication in 2016 that brands have scored higher than 60 per cent on the transparency scale.