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African cotton associations roots for cotton processing in Mali

With record production of more than 700,000 tons the past two seasons, Mali has retaken the title of Africa's cotton champion. The region invests over 100,000 CFA francs for each harvest which generates 150,000 CFA frans in proft after the harvest. The cotton farmers’ confederation plans to raise this output to one million tonne in the next season.

However, Mali, like other African producers, only processes a tiny fraction of its production. Most of the cotton is exported. The association of African cotton growers in the region has urged leaders to boost the processing of raw cotton into textiles in order to capture more of the added value.It appreciated the role The association appreciated the role of the state in supporting the cotton industry, particularly via the state-owned Malian Textile Development Company (CMDT), which buys cotton from farmers.

The CMDT has substantial progress in recent years in getting value out of by-products of separating the cotton fibre from seeds. Also, cotton farmers in the region benefit from subsidised fertiliser, unlike farmers of other crops. They also have easier access to credit.