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Australian fashion brands fail to pay living wages in foreign companies

Non-for-profit organisation Oxfam has published a report accusing Australia-based brands of failing to pay living wages to its workers in foreign countries. 

The report, ‘Naughty or Nice’, is a part of a two-year campaign started in 2017. According to the report, paying for essentials like food, housing, healthcare and education should be covered by a basic living wage. However, the report reveals that some of the Australia-based brands do not offer this to their employees in foreign countries.

The report has released a list of fashion brands that have failed to ensure payment of living wages to women making their clothes in countries like Vietnam or Bangladesh. The research conducted by Deloitte Access Economics says women aged 18 to 25 make up 80 per cent of the factory workers in the global garment industry. It affirms that the local minimum wage in Bangladesh equates to just 39 Australian cents an hour, 64 cents in Vietnam and 93 cents in China.



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