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AWI study provides full LCA for Merino wool supply chain


Until now, studies in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) have focused on just particular segments of the supply chain. However, a world-first new study funded by AWI provides a full cradle-to-grave LCA for the supply chain of a Merino wool jumper. This is the first full LCA of a textile fiber to be published in a peer-reviewed journal. It reports on the environmental impacts of a lightweight Merino wool jumper made from.

The study demonstrates the eco-credentials of wool in a world where there is increasing concern about society’s trend towards ‘fast fashion’ and disposable clothing, and the effect on the environment of synthetic textiles.

AWI Program Manager for Fiber Advocacy and Eco Credentials, Angus Ireland, says the study demonstrates that consideration of the length of time a garment stays in active use is critical in LCA as it strongly affects the garment’s overall environmental impact.

According to Aungus, consumers who are aware that their wool clothes require less washing have the greatest influence on the sustainability of their garments by maximizing their active lifespan.

The study also reveals new ways to improve the efficiency of production, processing, and garment care, which could reduce the environmental impacts from wool.