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Bangladesh denim apparel exports to the US decline

As per OTEXA’s recent import data, denim apparel exports from Bangladesh to the US declined by 5.81 per cent during the Jan-Feb’19 period. The country exported denim apparels worth $ 64.78 million as against $ 68.77, in the corresponding period last year.

Bangladesh’s export in skirts and jackets went up. The major revenue earning categories, men & boys (MB) jeans and women & girls (WG) jeans, noted a downfall. Exports of MB jeans declined by 2.57 per cent to $ 35 million, while those of WG jeans tumbled by 13.46 per cent to $26.40 million.

Thes drop in denim apparel export can impact Bangladesh as its competitor Vietnam grew significantly by 35.85 per cent during the same period to touch $ 50.13 million.

The gap between Bangladesh and Vietnam, particularly in denim exports, is shrinking. Last year the difference between export of both the countries hovered around $32 million, while, in first two months of 2019, it compressed to just $12.56 million which is not at all a good sign for Bangladesh denim industry.