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Bangladeshi manufacturers miffed over CAP conditions

According to industry insiders, western retailers' groups and apparel makers got locked in fresh row over post-inspection remediation issues, including incorporation of new conditions in the corrective action plan (CAP), duplication in follow up inspection and funding.

As per their allegations, although duplication had been avoided in the initial inspection, again it surfaced in the follow-up as both the groups were sending their experts to oversee the remediation work in line with the CAP in the units that produce apparel products for both signatories of Accord and Alliance.

The duplication issue had already been raised by the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) to the NTC (national tripartite committee) on Building and Fire Safety in readymade garment sector. Such activities were creating confusion among the buyers, slowing down the remediation work and hampering the regular production activities. A factory owner said that Accord was attaching 'unnecessary' new conditions with its follow-up inspections and adding those to the CAPs.

Md Shahidullah Azim, former Vice-President of Bangladesh BGMEA said that such an action sends a wrong message among buyers that the companies are not complying with the safety requirements within the set timeframe. However, he added that the situation was different as the Accord was adding additional requirements.