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Benetton’s losses widened in last one year

Losses have widened for Benetton following a restructure in 2015, where it decided to refocus on United Colors of Benetton and its sister company Sisley. In 2016, turnover was down 8.5 per cent on the previous year. The Italian company held an event at the end of September, designed to immerse visitors in a story of color as told by garments. The aim was to create an experience that would stick in people's minds rather than put on a more ephemeral six-minute fashion show.

The installations comprised everything from furniture to prints, photography to live music and were grouped into eight color blocks from black through green. A diverse range of models were positioned around each station, kitted out in block colored outfits from the store's latest collection. The models were street-cast to ensure diversity and authenticity.

Benetton has always taken a slightly more creative and innovative approach. The first thing that springs to mind with talking about Benetton is color in all its expressions – from sparkling knits to well-known campaigns promoting multiculturalism. This new initiative is not only about fashion but an outward expression of everything the brand is about and brought to life creatively.