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Birla Cellulose unveils Intellicolor at Bharat Tex


Birla Cellulose has disrupted the textile industry landscape with its latest innovation, Birla Viscose - Intellicolor, revealed at the prestigious Bharat Tex event. This innovative product promises to redefine conventional reactive dyeing methods, addressing a longstanding challenge in the industry.

Intellicolor introduces a revolutionary dyeing process utilizing Cationic or Basic dyes, boasting an exceptional dye exhaustion rate exceeding 95 per cent, far surpassing traditional methods. By eliminating the need for salt and soda ash in the dyeing process, it streamlines operations while significantly reducing environmental impact. 

The innovation achieves brighter shades with higher tinctorial value and color depth compared to reactive dyes, enhancing color vibrancy while using lower dye concentrations. This translates to reduced chemical consumption, shorter processing times, and decreased dye quantities, promoting sustainable dyeing practices.

Traditionally, reactive dyeing processes require large quantities of salt to facilitate dye bath exhaustion, resulting in significant effluent discharge containing salt and unreacted dye, posing environmental and cost concerns. Intellicolor's breakthrough solution not only overcomes this challenge but also elevates fabric quality.

Moreover, Intellicolor fosters sustainability by requiring fewer post-dyeing washes and eliminating fixing steps, conserving water and reducing energy consumption and operating costs. Its utilization of Basic dyes promises enhanced dye uptake and superior wash fastness compared to traditional Reactive dyes.

Speaking on this milestone achievement, Grasim Industries' Chief Marketing Officer,  ManMohan Singh, expressed pride in the company's commitment to innovation. Managing Director H.K Agarwal emphasized the product's significance, marking a commitment to sustainability and heralding a new era of vibrancy and responsibility in the textile industry.

The launch of Intellicolor at Bharat Tex signifies a monumental advancement, promising reductions in water and energy consumption. Aligning with leading brands' sustainability goals, it represents a crucial step towards a more environmentally conscious and vibrant future for the textile sector.



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