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Burberry pledges to eliminate plastic by 2025.

The fashion giant will ensure that all of its future plastic packaging is either reusable, recyclable or compostable. The British company has already swapped plastic lamination on its retail bags and poly bags for garment covers - a move which has reduced the use of 29 tons of plastic.

By the end of 2019, Burberry also plans to give shoppers the opportunity to recycle their unwanted hangers in a take-back scheme. Last year, the luxury fashion house graced the headlines after famously torching clothing, accessories and perfume in a bid to protect the brand from counterfeiters. After widespread criticism, Burberry pledged to reuse, upcycle, donate or recycle all unsaleable products in the future. The required changes to its third-party distribution network are expected to accelerate.

Burberry is undergoing a major transformation, with a new designer, a new focus on ultra-luxury, a new logo and a change to the way it drops its product. The company has seen a successful launch of its new go-to-market model. The brand’s strategic focus is on igniting brand heat — starting with influencers and key opinion leaders, which will cascade to all consumers. But shifting consumer perception, transitioning product, and transforming the distribution will take time.