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Candiani Denim Launches Coreva Design


Candiani Denim, a leading Italian denim manufacturer, has launched its own jeans brand, Coreva Design. The new collection is made entirely with Coreva Denim, a patented technology that produces natural and biodegradable stretch denim. All items are designed to be recycled at the end of their life.

The collection was designed by expert denim insider Chicco Barina and is entirely produced and finished in Italy. It offers a complete total look of 40 pieces, with 75% aimed at women and 25% aimed at men. 

Each item in the Coreva Design collection is designed to be recycled at the end of its life. Every single component of the brand's collection pieces can be either recycled, as made with degradable non-harmful substances, or detached before being recycled.

Coreva Design will be initially sold in Italy through Banner, the appreciated Milanese luxury store, the Candiani Denim store in Piazza Mentana 3 in Milan, and through a newly launched website, In 2023, Coreva Design will be mostly sold in Italy and aims to reach about 30 high-end fashion stores. In 2024, it will also expand to Europe and hit about 50 stores, mostly based in Benelux, Germany, and France. 

The collaboration with LP started when she contacted Candiani Denim and visited their NY showroom, asking to buy some meters of stretch denim for tailor-made suits she wanted to wear during her concerts. As she is jumping and dancing during all her concerts, she was looking for this kind of special denim.



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