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Candiani partners with Roica for sustainability

Italian denim mill Candiani emphasizes sustainable products. Candiani Denim is a frontrunner in the birth of the premium denim category. Candiani’s latest development, called ReLast, is a GOTS- and GRS-certified denim line made with a custom made recycled elastomer developed by Roica, the maker of the world’s first recycled elastomer. In the case of the Roica collaboration, Candiani was able to replace a dual core spun yarn with a single core recycled elastomer. The result is a recycled product that gives the garment a higher value and really exceptional performance. German brand Closed, a denim pioneer in and of itself, will be the first brand to adopt the sustainable fabric into its collection beginning this fall.

Candiani always tries to source as local as possible in order to reduce its carbon footprint. Roica’s recycled elastomer is made in Germany. Closed is one of the rare brands in the fashion industry that produces its collections 100 per cent in Italy. The biodegradable elastomer eliminates all the toxins from chemicals used in traditional elastomers. At the end of its life, Roica’s yarn breaks down without having any harmful substances coming out of the yarn or into the soil, This is a healthy, environmentally-friendly yarn that can be recycled into the circular economy.