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Candiani teams up with Denham to launch stretch fiber

Candiani Denim and Denham have launched a jeans collection using biodegradable stretch plant-based yarns. Coreva Stretch Technology replaces the commonly used synthetic and petrol-based elastomers without compromising on elasticity, recovery and durability. Moreover, the stretch denim obtained by using it is free from plastics and microplastics and–when added to biodegradable cotton or other biomaterials–is biodegradable. Candiani along with its suppliers devised a smart vulcanization process to refine the rubber yarn without compromising the elastomer itself and its properties. At the same time the company internally studied the actual corespun technology in order to put this inside the cotton yarns prior to be woven into the denim. Even finishing had to be customized to this new type of fabric, but the product was finally engineered and fine-tuned with solid physicals and amazing performances.

The new stretch fiber can be used for any denim weight and construction. Candiani has only developed 13 oz. and 15 oz. at the moment with a different range of elasticity, from comfort to super-stretch. Lighter weights will come in early 2020 as part of a wider Coreva collection. This can become the alternative stretch denim in the jeanswear market. Candiani wants it to be an alternative. Denim with Coreva will be recyclable, upcyclable and biodegradable.