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Cashmere World Forum to unveil colour trends for 2016/17

Cashmere World Forum will be held from October 7 to 9, 2015 in Hong Kong. The stimulating and informative programme for industry delegates will also discover the 2016-17 colour trends through the prism of legends and fairy tales.

Full colour trends will be presented by Jayne Esteve Cure, Founder of Jayne Fashion Consultancy, France and Olivier Guillemin, Designer and Creative Director, France at Cashmere World Forum 2015. The connecting thread running through the whole programme is the concept of lightness: lightness in every sense as exemplified in the lightness and luxury of cashmere and other fine fibres in contrast to the “weighty” political and economic background the industry is currently facing.

The keynote speaker will be Anthony Keung of the Fenix Group. He will speak about the background of his company, how it evolved from manufacturing to retail and how it adapted to economic changes by switching from the Japanese market to the markets in the Europe and the US followed by China and Korea. He will share his views on the prospects of the China market, where according to him their retail brands are witnessing steady growth. He is optimistic about the China retail market believing that the economic bubble in China is over and that the slowdown of the China market is a normal phenomenon.

Other topics of interest to be discussed include current supply and demand situation of cashmere and how its environmental impact could be lightened, Alpaca and the importance of its quality marks presented by the executive director of International Alpaca Institute from Peru and several other topics based around the central theme of ‘lightness’.