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Circular economy is the new buzz word in textiles

With emphasis placed on responsible manufacturing and sourcing, circular economy is the new eco buzz word. Traditional linear textile chain is having a shakeup and a growing element in circular economy products. Efficiency will be crucial to the survival of the sector throughout the entire textile chain, from clean ingredients, chip dyed yarns, innovative yarns that create interesting aspects with one dye bath, fabric that self heals when ripped and self launder.

The efficiency wave continues through to garment production, as textile manufacturers and brands collaborate in creating varying control and performance in panels within the fabric that eliminate seams. In a landscape of uncertainty on a geo and political level, consumers need reassurance, especially through an emotional reconnection to touch and through the use of color.

Laser finishing, waterless dyeing through to 24/7 freshness through anti-door ingredients all feature. Trailblazing smart fabrics will come through from personal thermal regulation systems to reflective features and e-textiles. Smarter fibers and finishes feature, but this also transfers through to product design, with engineered technictity and a reduction of the sewing process. Intelligent fabrics react and respond to different environments and protect the wearer. The traditional supply chain has been disrupted by B2C partnerships.