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Denim by PV and SI study discloses emerging denim trends

The last edition of Denim by Premiere Vision in Barcelona held from May 21-22, 2014, Sportswear International organized a series of initiatives in collaboration with the show. The two partners drew up a survey of opinions gathered through interviews with key insiders and personalities of denim and jeans wear markets.

The research, it undertook threw up a composite vision of the market from its present state of the art up to its future evolution, including major upcoming trends. A part of the analysis also focused on first impressions collected at the debut of Denim by PV in Barcelona and on opinions about the Sportswear International magazine. These two sections of the survey were issued to get a better understanding of what insiders are increasingly looking for and what they expect from two important players of the jeans wear and denim panorama.

When asked to describe the present denim market many were optimistic and described it as a phase of recovery, focusing on new technologies and reactivity. They expect the global denim market size to grow, even if major geographical areas will not change significantly. Comfort and additional performance will continue to be key elements, which will characterize the evolution of jeans wear, though wearable technology on the one side and sustainability on the other will become requirements.

Apart from tattoo, glittery look and bell bottom jeans, many pointed out that stretch, super stretch and skinny jeans will never go out of fashion. Others recognized that masculine denims will become the real new must-have for women, sustainability will grow in importance, and many will return to the origins.


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