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Denim industry sounds off concern for Aniline

The number of chemicals used in the making of fashion-forward jeans is extensive and controversial too. After major players in the denim industry sounded off their concerns for Aniline, a chemical used in indigo dyeing, during the recent Kingpins Transformers, the substance has garnered new attention from quite a few.

Despite growing campaign against chemical and its possible links to cancer, the said chemical is used by major brands in the denim industry. Till now, Scandinavians are the only ones who have completely Aniline-free. It is the main raw material used in the manufacturing indigo. It was first obtained and isolated from indigo in 1826, taking its name from the actual plant where the substance was found Indigofera anil.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) reports that Aniline has been under the organizations statutes/regulations since 1978 making the possible dangers of the substance known for over the last 30 years. The Agency spoke on the possible consequences of Aniline exposure beyond the classification of a possible carcinogen, explaining that the chemical vapors can also be absorbed through the skin. This enforces anxiety among denim heads due to the skin contact associated with wearing a garment that crossed paths with the chemical. However, the EPA also said that they are unaware of any recent issues with Aniline and denim assuaging those concerned about the possible ban from the industry.