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Export of Bangladeshi cotton trousers generates $1.13 billion in revenue

Latest Otexa figures reveal, export of Bangladeshi-made cotton trousers fetched $1.13 billion in revenue during the January-September 2018 period. This was a 9.31 per cent gain on a year-to-year basis in comparison to the same time period last year. Cotton trousers made up for 27 per cent of Bangladesh’s total apparel exports to the US, the country’s single biggest country-wise export destination, in 2018.

Bangladesh’s apparel exports to the US, during the period, amounted to $4.16 billion, up 5.84 per cent from last year. The major garments exported were cotton trousers, cotton dress, knit blouse, slacks, cotton underwear and sweater. Export of slacks marked a significant rise, fetching over $59 million. This was an impressive 9.32 per cent gain from the $54 million during the period in 2017. On the other hand, export of woven shirts declined. It fetched $41 million during this time, down 1.14 per cent from previous year.