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Fall in value of Turkish exports in 2019

In the January to March period of 2019, Turkey’s textile exports declined by seven per cent in value and increased 3.9 per cent in quantity. The export unit value of the ready-to-wear industry declined by 10.1 per cent. The share of textiles and raw materials in Turkey’s total exports decreased to 5.6 per cent from 6.3 per cent compared to the same period of last year. Woven fabrics are the most important export product group of Turkey’s textile industry. In the first quarter of the year, woven fabrics were 23 per cent of Turkey’s total textile exports.

Turkey’s total exports increased by 3.3 per cent over January to March 2019 in which textile exports have declined, while apparel exports made no headway. The EU is the biggest market for Turkey’s exports. However in the first three months of this year Turkish textile and apparel exports to the EU fell by 10.9 per cent. Similarly exports to the Middle East fell by 10.4 per cent. But exports to Asia and Oceania in the January to March period increased by 5.5 per cent. And Turkey’s exports to the former Eastern Bloc countries increased by one per cent. Textile exports to the US decreased by 3.6 per cent while exports to Bulgaria decreased by 19.6 per cent.