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Forster Rohner making waves with electronic textiles

Swiss embroidery producer Forster Rohner develops and produces electronic textiles for diverse markets, from industrial applications to fashion. Forster Rohner, is a leading technical textile manufacturer, known for conductive yarns, sensors, heating, and illuminated textiles. It has been supplying electronic textiles on an industrial production basis since 2013. The company develops sensor and heating textiles from a material portfolio of conductive yarns.

The company achieves illuminated textiles on fine sheer, heavy wool or technical fabrics and with its industrial embroidery machines a great variety of items are realized: panels up to seven meters long, specific sewing patterns, and ornamental motifs to fine textile edges.

E-broidery technology stands for integration of active lighting in textiles. The sophisticated LED textiles introduce a new field of materiality and function for sensational scenography in exhibition and interior design. Forster Rohner’s products are used in dresses, blazers or bags in ready-to-wear collections, sportswear with electronic muscle stimulations revealing enhanced workout effects, or in drapes and washable fabric displays for interactive products.

Application examples are high performance soft sensor structures for ECG or EEG measurements or active sportswear with almost invisibly integrated electrodes into compressive textiles thus enhancing revolutionary workout effects.