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Garmatex develops hockey clothing

Garmatex has partnered with Base 360 to bring a new generation of protective hockey wear to the Canadian market. This is designed to save lives through the use of world-leading fabric technologies.

Garmatex is an inventor of intelligent fabrics and apparel solutions. Base 360 is a manufacturer of safety products for high risk sports.

The line of hockey apparel protects the exposed areas of the wrist, calf and ankle and is designed to minimize the risk of a severe injury. The addition of Garmatex’s antimicrobial formula, Bact-Out, provides temperature regulation and bacterial odor management that does not wash out.

The companies are working together to incorporate Garmatex’s Steel Skin technology into the next generation of apparel to further enhance its protective properties. They are also in the process of developing a new line of apparel designed specifically for speed skaters.

Garmatex harnesses advanced, nano-level processes that manipulate raw textiles and alter fabric molecules and provide superior fabrics that perform under extreme conditions. Garmatex offers innovative solutions for athletic and lifestyle apparel as well industrial and commercial products. Its current products and fabrics include: Kottinu, Bact-Out, Cool Skin, Warm Skin, Ice Skin, Steel Skin and Recovery Skin.

The company plans to expand its portfolio by collaborating with leading research and development teams to produce textiles that improve the health, well-being and effectiveness of people.






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