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Global economist Todd Buchholz to speak at 'SF2015'

Todd Buchholz, former Director for Economic Policy at the White House and a leading expert on the US and global economy, will take charge at the forthcoming ‘San Francisco 2015’ trade event, scheduled to be held on October 30 and 31. The event is expected to attract over 600 delegates from across the world.

After serving under George HW Bush, Todd was Managing Director of the $15 billion Tiger hedge fund and an award-winning economics teacher at Harvard. He is a regular columnist for the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and NBC and is the author of a number of best-selling books.

Speaking ahead of the event, Todd said, “The ICA’s San Francisco trade event presents a perfect opportunity to think about how the world economy fits together, from farmers in the fields to designers in Milan to fast retailers competing for consumer spending across the globe.”
Todd’s address will provide delegates with an in-depth view of global politics, economics, society and culture – looking at where the world is, where it is going and what it means for businesses and individuals.



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