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Green technologies can ensure green processing of cotton

A collaborative research between scientists in Kerala, and Florida has utilised supercritical carbon dioxide as a carrier to size and resize cotton. They have identified supercritical carbon dioxide attractive chemistries such as sucrose octaacetate, glucose pentaacetate and polyethylene glycol that can be applied to textiles via supercritical carbon dioxide at a pressure of about 90 bars, making the process cost-effective.

Researchers claim the process is cost-effective as it avoids other costlier functional chemistries and is environmentally friendly. Sucrose octaacetate in supercritical carbon dioxide system provided good results for cotton and polyester and the chemical is inexpensive as it is an agricultural product.

Green technologies such as supercritical fluids and plasma have been getting serious attention these days. Consumers prefer sustainable processes and clothing. Stating a survey, Melissa Bastos of Cary-based Cotton Incorporated stated almost 63 per cent of consumers globally invest time and effort into finding sustainable clothing.