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H&M Foundation institutes designer awards

H&M Foundation’s Global Change Award is spotlighting visionary young talent who have the power to reverse the damage caused by the fashion industry. The award invites designers from across the world to come up with disruptive solutions that will mitigate the after-effects of garment production. After filtering through a large volume of the applicants for the awards, an edited select of talent is then handed over to the expert panel that helps make the decision of picking the winners. H&M is also keen to touch upon the ethical use of artificial intelligence and applied analytics and talk about the preemptive measures that can be taken to reduce waste in production. Aside from winning monetary grants from the H&M Foundation in order to scale up their businesses, winners will also be a part of an accelerated mentorship program.

After the oil industry, fashion is the next big line of business to have severe environmental damage on its hands.

Swedish retail giant H&M set up the H&M Foundation to lead dedicated endeavors towards sustainability. The foundation is working toward reaching the sustainability goals set by the United Nations in 2015, which cover areas of education, clean water, women’s economic empowerment and safeguarding the planet.