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H&M Group, Arvind Ltd, collaborate to test Suprauno dyeing technology


H&M Group and Arvind Ltd have joined forces to revolutionise the fashion industry with a groundbreaking partnership focused on sustainability.

Together these two companies plan to test the Suprauno dyeing technology, crafted by Deven Supercriticals, which employs supercritical CO2 to color fabrics, eliminating water usage and toxic chemical discharge. This innovative approach signals a significant shift towards eco-friendly manufacturing, addressing pressing concerns such as water scarcity and pollution.

H&M's dedication to reducing its environmental impact is evident in its ambitious goals, including a 56 per cent cut in greenhouse gas emissions and a 30 per cent reduction in freshwater extraction within its supply chain by 2030. Through its alliance with Arvind Ltd, H&M not only strives for a greener supply chain but also sets a new standard for the entire fashion industry.

The collaboration between H&M and Arvind Ltd is a testament to their enduring partnership and shared commitment to sustainability. By investing in Suprauno technology, they aim to inspire other industry players to embrace eco-friendly practices. The potential benefits are substantial, from minimising water and energy consumption to mitigating the harmful effects of conventional dyeing processes.

The success of this pilot program could catalyse a transformative shift in the textile industry, ushering in an era where sustainable practices are the norm. In the face of climate change, the urgency for such innovations has never been greater.


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