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Hyosung partners with Sofileta

Hyosung Creora has entered into a partnership with Sofileta.

The new product maximizes the deodorizing advantages provided by Creora Fresh.

Sofileta is a French global textile supplier, specializing in textile and dying.

Hyosung entered this partnership as a strategic move to get closer to customers in France and Europe. Hyosung has been in close co-operation with Sofileta from the birth of Creora and will continue this partnership in future to actively respond to the rapidly changing fashion industry.

Hyosung offers functional spandex products like Creora Fresh, Creora Highclo, Creora Eco-soft and Creora Color Plus. Creora Fresh chemically neutralizes substances generating sweat and foot odor and is applied to under wear and active wear.

Creora Highclo, mainly applied to swim wear, was developed to reduce damage to clothing induced by chloride.

Creora Color Plus and Creora Eco-soft are functional products enriching the clear color of the textile during dyeing and providing a softer touch of textiles respectively.

Hyosung is the largest producer of spandex in the world with the Creora brand. Hyosung’s textile business leads the world textile industry with its spandex, polyester and nylon yarns. The company produces various differentiated polyester and nylon yarns from regular yarns to high functional specialty yarns.