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Hyosung receives eco-product certification from SGS for creora


The world’s largest spandex manufacturer and the first global developer to commercialize bio-based spandex, Hyosung has received eco-product certification from SGS guaranteeing that creora® bio-based spandex is made with plant-based materials and is produced in a harmless and eco-friendly environment.

Hyosung is a comprehensive fibre manufacturer and its creora® spandex is the world’s leading spandex brand.

Hyosung informed that its creora® bio-based spandex is made by replacing 30 per cent of petroleum-based resources with bio-based raw materials derived from industrial field corn, which is also called dent corn.

According to a recent third-party life cycle assessment, the manufacturer of creora® bio-based spandex reduces its carbon footprint by 23 per cent as compared to the production of regular spandex.

Additionally, the sustainably grown feed-stock used to make the fibre is responsibly grown by farmers who target and measure their efforts to protect the land, air and water.

While ideally used with other bio-derived natural fibres and bio-derived synthetics, creora® bio-based spandex is suitable for all textile applications used for sportswear, ready to wear and loungewear, it provides the same ultra-stretch quality and recovery as Hyosung’s creora® Powerfit spandex.

Hyosung is planning to introduce creora® bio-based spandex made with 100 per cent bio-derived content in the future.


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