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IAF, ABIT, Euratex join hands for international conferences on European industry


International Apparel Federation (IAF), ABIT, the national association for the Brazilian Apparel and Textile industry and Euratex have joined forces to hold international conferences to offer complementary insights into the huge transition the apparel and textile industries are going through. While the conferences of IAF and ABIT are based on similar themes, Euratex’s conference is based on ‘A new paradigm for the European Textile and Clothing Industry.’

ABIT’s international conference will take place on October 27 and 28 and focus on people, exploring data gathering; a transition to a design more guided by individualization and communication in a digital environment. IAF’s conference will focus on the intra supply chain dynamics, looking at how the relations between buyers and suppliers need to change. Meanwhile, Euratex’s conference will focus on the role of legislation shaping our industry’s actions.

IAF and Euratex will hold their conferences back-to-back in Antwerp, Belgium on November 8 and 9 respectively. For those visitors that might be held back by pandemic related restrictions to visit the venue in Antwerp, the conferences will be available online.