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India’s cotton exports fall short of targets


India’s cotton exports this year may fall short of estimates. Export enquiries are poor as Indian cotton is more expensive compared with world cotton prices. The season started with very poor opening stock.Arrivals are not picking up as expected and domestic mills are gradually increasing capacity utilization.

Cotton arrivals in November usually surpass 1.5 lakh bales a day. At present, it is 1.3 lakh bales a day. In several areas, sowing and harvesting have been delayed. Farmers were waiting for prices to improve. Since prices are down by 35 per cent farmers are not selling cotton. But there are no signs that prices will improve.

Since October 1, 2022, only 50,000 lakh bales were exported compared to seven lakh bales last year. Another major reason for the tepid demand for cotton is the slowdown across the textile supply chain globally. Almost 50 per cent of Indian cotton exports are to Bangladesh. And China, Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia are the other major importers of Indian cotton. Bangladesh is said to be facing a crisis and there is no demand from that country. Further, a spinner in Bangladesh is able to get west African or US cotton at a relatively lower price.


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