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Indonesia hosts ACFIF event

The Asian Chemical Fiber Industry Federation (ACFIF) conference was held in Indonesia from April 11 and 12, 2019. The nine member countries and regions that constitute ACFIF jointly produce around 90 per cent of the world’s manmade fiber. Indonesia has emerged as a major global producer of rayon fiber and the country plans to focus and revitalize its textile industry. Work on standardization of Indonesia’s chemical and fiber product was discussed. Joint steps to establish international standards were laid out.

The fourth industrial revolution and the power of big data, digitalization and internet of things were discussed. Smart textiles and innovation of products to meet future performance demands were presented through a theme paper. Research trends and development direction were shared among delegates at the conference.

The conference theme of sustainability highlighted trends, challenges and solutions for the sustainability of polyester. Review of consumption, factors to ensure the circular economy in recycling products and the issue of micro fibers in the environment were discussed. In an effort toward improving the sustainability of chemical fibers, Europe has regulated the important issues of micro-plastics and recycling. This experience over the last decade in improving the environment and sustainability was shared and was very useful to the delegates.