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Influencers promote denim brands

Denim mills are tapping into social media influencers’ vast and information-seeking audiences through collaborations, special products and as a vehicle to share their messages about sustainability and innovation. Mills are recognising the power and the influence of the social media and the people who manage accounts. By partnering with an influencer, the supply chain is able to reach more people and tap into specific areas of expertise, knowledge and interest. Influencers have become a go-between from the mill and the producer to the consumer.

Mills are representing themselves more as a brand. And as a result, they’re looking for ways to reach the end consumer to feed them with information about the ingredients and processes that go into the jeans they purchase. The new way of advertising is through influencers.

Kelly Harrington, a textile consultant and social media influencer, teamed with Ukraine-based denim label Ksenia Schnaider to help promote the sustainable story behind its avant-garde denim designs, such as its signature asymmetrical jean. In her Instagram post, Harrington showcases the brand’s cropped jean jacket and frayed shorts with a caption that describes Ksenia Schnaider’s experimental designs. For Harrington, promoting Ksenia Schnaider’s collection on Instagram was an authentic choice. It’s a brand she wears and loves.