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Italian jeanswear brand Giada’s revenues up 10 per cent

Giada, the Italian jeanswear manufacturer is known for its luxury men’s denim brand Hand Picked has reported 10 per cent rise in revenues over that of 2017. For spring/summer 2020 Hand Picked has a total look collection.

The company founded in 1987 has been active in the denim and apparel markets since 1977. In addition to managing a licensing agreement with Jacob Cohën that started in 2004 and is expected to expire by 2021, Giada also produces and distributes Karl Lagerfeld Denim and Vilebrequin’s jeanswear line under licensing agreements. The company produces all its collections in Italy and is keenly focused on preserving the environment. One of Giada’s production hubs uses solar panels for producing electricity and recycles 60 per cent of the water used for manufacturing jeans. Denim remains are reused for products employed in the car industry, while pumice stones remains are recycled in the building and gardening sectors. Jeans are aged with laser treatments and through a special stonewashing technique that uses small plastic balls instead of pumice stones. This helps conserve water. The company uses mostly fabrics by Candiani Denim, Kurabo and Albini denims. Among Albini’s denims Giada also uses a special fabric obtained by recycling denim remains.