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Karl Mayer incorporates conductive yarns technology into its machines

Karl Mayer multibar raschel machines are used with and without a jacquard facility to incorporate conductive yarns directly into the textile during manufacture. Electrically conductive structures with a virtually unlimited range of designs can be produced on multibar raschel machines. This is possible thanks to multibar patterning using Karl Mayer’s innovative string bar system, with which the yarns can be positioned individually and as required onto a ground – following the principles of tailored fiber placement. The ground can be produced with a wide variety of different designs, and jacquard patterns can also be worked, depending on the type of machine.

Besides offering extensive design freedom, warp knitting also delivers maximum efficiency when producing electrically conductive textiles. Moreover, typical performance features of textiles, such as softness, flexibility, elasticity and breathability, are fully retained. Textiles can be used for heating, cooling and lighting. They can measure the heart rate, as well as monitor soil erosion on slopes, and can even be launched into space for use as space reflectors – as long as they are electrically conductive.

At the functional heart of these innovative e-warp-knitted textiles are filaments containing metal. Silver-plated polyamide can be processed very easily on multibar raschel machines.