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Karl Mayer launches HKS range in India

India is an important market for Karl Mayer. Besides offering high-speed machines, Karl Mayer also offers Indian customers expertise in warp knitting and new ideas for textile products. The company presented its Terry.Eco concept for warp knitting, which is aimed at the ecological and economical production of terry goods. Weavers have understood the advantages of warp knitting for producing terry goods and are now getting to grips with the possibilities.

Karl Mayer’s high-speed tricot machines can be used for designing a wide variety of apparel fabrics and for producing terry goods. Many warp knitting companies in India concentrate on producing embroidery grounds and simple fabrics for saris. However, the HKS 4-M EL can do much more than that. Various transparent fabrics featuring different mesh patterns in the ground and superimposed geometric designs can be produced by the HKS model.

Possible ground constructions include classic tricot types such as honeycomb, diamond and atlas mesh construction. Atlas and filet tulle grounds featuring integrated diamond patterns with the look of raschel-knitted fabrics can also be worked.

The HKS 3-M is already well established in India. It can produce a new collection of designs. The lightweight, voile-like fabrics are particularly eye-catching, thanks to their fine, transparent ground and dense, striped pattern blocks.